28mm civilians and militia – Irregular Miniatures review


I’ve been playing Jagged Alliance 2 lately and usually when I get hooked into a video game, I start to think about adapting it into a miniature game. Unsurprisingly I need models for that. For starters plastic eM4 gangers will do for mercenaries, but I didn’t have any civilians to protect or enemy militia to fight against.

I wanted my militia and civilians with roughly middle-american/banana rebuplic feel. Searching for civilians led me to Irregular Miniatures website. They produce models in lots of different periods and scales and I found that their 28mm Characters of the Wild West and Modern ranges fit the bill almost perfectly.

Almost, because their company name is rather foreshadowing. At times 28mm models are listed as 25mm and on their website. You can also see that their sculpting isn’t exactly the best in industry. But hey, lots of cheap models was enough for me to give it a shot.

I chose almost all civilian models from their Old West range. Their Native Americans fit perfectly with what I had in mind. A Mexican and Chinese men with a Nurse from their Emergency Services gave a little bit of variety to the mix.

You can already see that there is some model recycling going on. Poses are bland, but I actually prefer that. Tiny detail can be messy, especially with fingers. I gave up about painting facial features before even starting.

But still, I was positively surprised by these models. They actually don’t look as jagged as I had feared and detail is most of the time better than I expected. They fit their bill and were really fast to paint too.

I chose exclusively from Irregular’s moderns range. I tried to do a latino skin tone to most of them, with couple of blacks and whites in the mix. Unfortunately I don’t think that I nailed the latino look, but black came out nicely. I got an advice from internet to do it by adding a little bit of red into the brown and using purple for wash.

I decided to color code the models with JA2 as my guideline. Leaders are in black (is that woman Deidranna perhaps?), while regular soldiers are in red and models with weaker weapons are in yellow. I color coded heavy weapons with green shirts.

Some models came with variant heads. Their slots were not perfect and some filing of connectors and filling seams with putty might be necessary. Otherwise these models were okay. What you see on their website gives a good impression of what they will actually look like.


I think that main problem with these models is that they are tiny when comparing to your average 28mm model. Labeling them as 25mm could save some trouble. Being somewhat realistic scale doesn’t help with blending them to one particularly famous line of toy soldiers.


To be fair, saying that something is in 28mm scale is quite literally in the eye of the beholder. Some companies like to measure 28mm from toes to eye-level, because with tall helmets it was hard to determine where models head actually ended. Other companies do measure from toes to the top of the head, I guess that Irregular Miniatures belongs to the latter category.

Scale creep is another thing, with many companies making their models gradually bigger and bigger.

In conclusion, Irregular Miniatures makes cheap 25mm miniatures with down to earth simplistic style. Their sculpting is barely okay, but it is not as bad as one might believe. I advice to at least visit their website because there is huge variety of models available. Postage is a fixed percentage, so ordering just a couple of samples doesn’t cost too much.