The Trickster’s Host

These models are the beginning of a Tzeentch Chaos DaemonsĀ  army. Across the units I decided on purple and turquoise as spot colors. Also with regard to the general coloration of the units I decided to choose a somewhat darker look.

For the Changeling I deliberately chose a more vibrant color palette, since it is a HQ and stands out from the rest.

For the Flamers I chose to include variation in the flame colors. The model in the front spouting flames is a Pyrocaster model.

The Screamers have noticeably turquoise teeth which I chose for a more ethereal look.

For the Brimstone Horrors I chose blue coloration for a more of a tie in to the rest of the units and also since pure sulphur (brimstone) burns blue.

Like the Flamers, the Blue Horrors utilize multicolored flames as a contrast to the darker body color.

The Pink Horrors are also darker in color, and like the Blue Horrors, they have purple coloration added to the tentacles, arms and legs. The model in the front with the scroll is an Iridescent Horror which has been painted with oil paints.