Deadzone Nameless

Mantic released Nameless for their Deadzone game and I finally got my hands on them. Although I’m not personally a fan of Cthulhu aesthetics, their deep ocean look drew me in (okay, maybe I’m obsessed about collecting each Deadzone faction too).

Many of these models were originally made for Star Sagas “The Terror in the Deep” expansion, but even during Star Saga kickstarter, Mantic hinted that they would use these models also for Deadzone. Which ain’t too bad as a business decision because fans get double amount of benefit for their models.

On the other hand, recycled models are made of “board game plastic”, which means they are already assembled, harder to reposition and details are a bit softer than with hard plastic, restic or resin.

But let’s get started. Above you can see almost all models that come with Nameless Faction Starter. I didn’t assemble two of the flying Needle Drones because I don’t believe I will ever need that many of those. Total of 18 models, with couple of big ones for ~35 euros, not bad per se. I’m just a bit confused about their assortment of models.

You get 1 leader, 5 troops and 12 specialists. As you can only wield up to 1 specialist per 1 trooper, that is way too few troops included. It also seems that troops aren’t available separately (although I have seen a Caratid booster in some webstores), so buying another starter or faction booster would also give you way too many specialists.

Because of this, with this set you can play up to 200pts games of Deadzone (remember to buy Outbreak supplement, their rules are not in core rulebook).

Faction starters leader is Psychotroid. Nasty looking psyker beast. Really nice restic (I assume) model that was quick and easy to assemble.

On table it is the most expensive leader option for nameless, but with 3 different psychic attacks and Aura of Dread splat effect that forces enemy models to move away, I can see it being one of the most interesting leaders to play in the game.

Not only does the amount of troops in faction starter baffle me, I’m also surprised about what they chose to be the troops.

Small octopus is called Inker and I guess it serves best as self-propelled smoke grenade. Another small one is Scuttler and because it has Horde special rule, I would really like to have at least 4 of them, instead of 2.

Last one is Caratid and unlike the other two, it is also a restic model. Most complex model in this set to put together and paint.

And then we have these sort of humanoid Cthulhu monster fellas. I really assumed that at least one of these would also be a troop choice, but nope. They all are specialists. These all are made with “board game plastic”.

Clawed one is called Assassin and I guess that explains its function. The one holding rifle is Rifleman and pistol wielder is Gunslinger. I’m starting to get weird vibes about the way most of this nameless faction is named.

On the table, Gunslinger and Rifleman “tag” their target’s with “Triclinic Shards”, which lets other models to get a bonus dice in melee fight. Assassin on the other hand can’t ever be clear shotted and hits hard in melee.

When painting these I chose the easy road of metal + wash + a bit of drybrushing for their armor. With flesh I tried to do more gradient highlighting from dark purple to lighter, but it started to look too soft and I gave them a purple wash. I’m not sure if it was because of my painting skills, chosen color scheme or softness of detail.

Last two specialists are Ogre and Needle Drone (I let you guess which one is which). Ogres are again “board game plastic” while Needle Drone is restic (and quick to assemble at that).

Ogre in the picture is actually my color scheme test model and I might have given it a bit more effort. I really wanted to see how that blue irregular pattern would look on large carapace surface (I like it).

On the table, Ogres are tough close combat monsters with effectively 3 armor, 3+ fight and AP2. They are only 5 points cheaper than Plague Abomination, but they are smaller and don’t have Tough so I guess it is fair. Needle Drone seems to be more agile version of the Sorak of the Rebs, it blasts everywhere with its psychic powers.

I guess this set is in line with Mantics other products. They are relatively cheap, not highest quality, but at least average or even above it. Aesthetically they look cool and I believe that Cthulhu fans find themselves right at home. Especially if they don’t paint their models with as vibrant colors as I did.

In the future I’m going to add a lobster looking Bahometh monster and alternate “The Fear” leader. Maybe I will also look for some alternative models for Scuttlers.

-Fean Arnailes