Chem Zone Terrain & Mat

Newest batch of killer terrain

We’ve received  a recently published product from Gamemat.Eu, the Chem Zone Terrain Set and the Chem Zone Gamemat. Our local club has the manufacturers mats on almost all tables, so I’m not a stranger to them and the advantages they bring. However, this is the first time we’re checking out the prepainted terrain, a product line that emerged after the mats and is being manufactured to fit their vaurious themes. The latest combo release of this kind is the Chem Zone, with an industrial feel that fits games like Warhammer 40.000 quite perfectly. So let’s dig right in, here’s a few shots of the mat and the terrain set:

As you can see, it looks quite awesome and coherent as a theme, especially considering you don’t have to do more than just open the package, put the stuff in place and start playing on any flat surface. It’s also easy to imagine that combining this terrain with other kinds works really well. The terrain kit consists of containers, chemical tanks, pipe sections, pipe end sections, crates and barrels and a few generator type pieces. The terrain is made of a resin like material and appears to be very durable (I bashed two containers together harder than a person normally ever bashes any terrain, I’d imagine) and there was no chipping, and no damage.

The paint job on the terrain is actually quite good, with some wear that has been painted onto them to bring them to life. For someone like myself who basically has his hands full with the actual miniatures alone, it’s the perfect solution as you don’t have to use the time and effort on terrain, which in my case, would produce similiar results anyway as I never was into showcase level terrain making, and it’s often not practical for competitive games. Ofcourse there’s no rule that you couldn’t improve on the prepainted pieces if you so wish, adding rust or whatever effects desired is easy to do, and the surface of the pieces feels like it takes on paint well.

There’s also a good weight to the medium and larger pieces, so they don’t roll around the battlefield or get toppled over by accident. To give you an idea about the scale, here’s a few shots of Aeldari traversing the pipelines: 

The tank pieces in the set offer some decent “LOS blocking” for games (something you need a lot of in the current edition of Warhammer 40.000) and by stacking the containers you can build some too. The pipes offer a good amount of visible cover for infantry sized troops. The pipeline “kit” comes with 3 different sets of straight sections, 2 different endings and a connector piece so you can do endless amounts of different configurations for each game and according to need.

I imagine combining this set with the ruins set from the same manufacturer, for example, gives you an awesome complete gaming board that takes no effort or time whatsoever, and judging by the seemingly damage resistant nature of the pieces, will last you as long as required. The last but not least bit in the set is the actual game mat, that has been textured around the industrial theme:

As you can see from this and the above photos, it’s a high quality print with details that make the battlefield come alive more, as is the case with all the mats that I’ve ever played on. Made of durable mousepad neoprene material they can be stored even folded, and there will be no wrinkles or the mat going all wonky on you (I’ve tested this during the times of our previous website, Nemesis Wargaming). The mat also comes with a carrying bag, inwhich I store mine always. I got no complaints. It ain’t the cheapest piece of terrain you can get, but to me not having to use a month to properly paint a gaming table full of terrain is worth it, as basically with a single set and some random terrain, or two sets, you have a ready battlefield that’ll last you a lifetime.

Check out all the products on their webstore: