Kromlech: Orc Mech-Boss in Kustom Mecha-Armour

Diz boss has da know-wots!

Just in time for the new Warhammer 40000 Codex: Orks, I got this ”Orc Mech-Boss in Kustom Mecha-Armour” from Kromlech. Fer ya 40k gitz, that’s Big Mek in Mega-Armour:

Packaging seems sturdy enough to protect the contents, that’s a good start and pretty much given when dealing with miniatures. There’s no instructions included, but any ork worth his teef should be able to figure out how this one goes together. Speaking of which, let’s take a closer look at the components:

Looking quite good! There’s definitely a lot of detail in these parts. The casting flash is quite ”sturdy” in some, but nothing a good hobby knife and some pliers couldn’t overcome. I found no air bubbles at all! A few parts had some obscured detail, but again nothing that wasn’t an easy fix. Overall quality, therefore, is very good.

In terms of Warhammer 40k – which I imagine would be the most common usage for this model – the model comes with three different accessory options for the top/back of the model. In 40k terminology, they’re the Tellyport Blasta and Kustom Force Field, and the third option is a decorative tool banner of sorts, used if you don’t want to use the others for their points cost. For the melee weapon arm you have options for a killsaw equivalent or a power klaw, although for 40k it’s not actually possible to use a killsaw and a ranged weapon (rememba dat, boyz!) In this kit the only ranged weapon arm is the equivalent of a kustom mega-blasta. There are also two head options, armored and unarmored. As we all know in the end though, conversions are a big part of any self respecting Ork army, so you can just convert whatever in any case.

Here are the main parts cleaned up for painting:

For my initial setup, I decided to go with the Kustom Force Field. Although it is shown attached here, it’s actually magnetized so that I can swap in the other options later.  The options are easy to magnetize. I also magnetized the klaw, although due to the lack of an option to use the buzzsaw I guess it’s mostly for re-posing.

Using my kunnin’, I decided the logical step to start the painting process would be the base. I’ve never had any resin bases before and have mostly used undecorated bases so far, so it was something new to try. I think it turned out reasonably good in the end:

The base is very nicely detailed, with some rock, sheet metal, wires, a cog and even a bomb! It’s 48mm in diameter, for those interested.

After that it was time to start painting the model itself. I’m a slow painter and not exactly great at it, so it was a lengthy process given the size of the model and the amount of detail involved, even though my custom paint scheme is quite simple, with a black basecoat and red ”accents”.

In the end the paint job turned out okay, though I feel I couldn’t quite do justice to the model! Seeing it all done, one can’t but take note of its size. It’s really quite big – as you can see in this comparison picture with an Ork Meganob and a Space Marine Ironclad Dreadnought, it’s as tall as the dreadnought even without the Kustom Force Field:

Whether that’s a problem or not depends on the individual, of course. Regardless, the size does make it an impressive sight, for sure, and for games of 40k makes the model a prime candidate for the ”Supa-Cybork Body” relic since it certainly looks the part!

Overall it’s a very nice kit. The quality is on par with what you’d expect from a modern high quality resin kit. Having some accessory options is nice as well, since that is not always the case with resin kits. I can definitely recommend this model if the size and overall aesthetic fits your requirements.

-Tvih (posted by Runic)