The Armies of Karak Eight Peaks

Eight Peaks has been an ongoing project of mine from the end of 2015, with the aim of recreating three armies featured in Warhammer Fantasy Battles region of Karak Eight Peaks. These three armies with their allied contingents are the Dwarfs of Angrund Clan, Skaven of Clan Mors and Greenskins of the Crooked Moon Tribe. I launched a blog for this project in the end of 2016 which can be found at

The Dwarfs of Angrund Clan follow a red-purple-white colorscheme. Their allies are the Runesmiths Guild, Engineers Guild, the Norgrimlings and the Slayer Cult. The Airships in the army overview photo are Titan Forge’s Colossal Zeppelins.

The Skaven of Clan Mors follow a red colorscheme for the core units. Their allies are the Council of Thirteen and the Clans Skryre, Pestilens, Moulder and Eshin. The Hell Pit Abominations seen in the right of the army overview are converted from Reaper Faceless Horrors.

The Greenskins of the Crooked Moon Tribe and their Orc Ally Broken Tooth Tribe each have black as their main color with yellow and white accents respectively. An additional ally are the Spider Riders called Deff Creepers which are shown on the right of the army overview.