Kromlech & Tabletop Scenics: Generatorum and Supply Containers

Tabletop Scenics new lasercut terrain

The folks at Tabletop Scenics and Kromlech sent us some of their new MDF laser cut terrain to try out. We received the insanely detailed Generatorum kit from their Gothic Spires: Hive City -product line, and the Imperial Supply Containers & Crates pack from the Industrial Mechanicum Sector -selection. Mayhemi & Runic of took the new sets under knife and paint brush.

The kits are supplied in MDF board sprues, with the parts lasered into shape aside from small attachment points so that they stay on the sprue. Taking the parts out was really easy, you don’t really even need a tool as we could just snap them right off. After this we recommend you clean the small nudges left from where the parts were attached to the sprues to ensure a clean final look for the terrain piece. The different parts are numbered on the sprue, so you won’t lose track following the instructions.

The Generatorum is said to have an assembly time of 5 hours, and it does ring true. The kit has quite a bit of parts in it and indeed does take some time to assemble, but they are extremely detailed. The end result is quite a spectacular building, with etched textures and stylized logos on some of the parts. You have the generator, the main part of the building, shuttered windows, a rooftop maintenance parapet along the chimney and vaurious other details. Assembly in itself is quite a breeze, as the MDF board is painless to work with and easy to glue together. The most intensive part to assemble in this kit are the pipes, which are made of their own small segments and parts.

As you can see from the image above, the kit is bristling with detail, and this is far from being the largest Tabletop Scenics kit. We can only imagine how epic a full gaming table filled with this kind of terrain would look like. Next it was time to paint it. If you have the time on your hands, painting the parts unassembled could also be a solution, but this time we wanted to showcase the kit when fully assembled and unpainted as well.

Last but not least, here’s a shot to give you an idea of the scale. The kit is big (and again, not the biggest the manufacturer has) and partially eclipses an Imperial Knight Valiant from Warhammer 40.000. For the game in question it’s a perfect piece, as it offers some decent line of sight blocking desperately required in the current edition of the game. For it’s price tag, the Generatorum is a very well detailed, sturdy terrain kit with a good footprint for one to build a functional battlefield with. Painting it is also easy, as paint sticks to the material very well, you don’t really even need an undercoat! 

Next up we had the Imperial Supply Crates & Containers kit. Naturally this kit was way simpler to build than the Generatorum, but it comes with some fun options to choose from. The kit basically supplies the actual “cores” for the containers, and different styles of outer layers and even hazard signs you can glue onto them, as you can see above.

Just like with the Generatorum kit, and probably all Tabletop Scenics kits, the pieces came off easy and then it was just a matter of cutting away the small nudges left by the sprues. First the “cores” were undercoated red, and the exteriors we chose were undercoated grey. We then used an airbrush to create black outlines on top of the red, so that when the exteriors are glued in place, there is a glow effect showing from between the grilles. We also shaded the exterior a slightly darker grey so that they fit the gaming table we intended them for:

After this step, we drybrushed the exterior gratings with a lighter grey, and then drybrushed singular strokes of silver across the surfaces to give an impression of the containers being worn during transport. Even if we say so ourselves, as far as badass containers go, these are pretty high up in the tier list:

Making a set of these really only takes less than an hour, and for some really small effort you get good looking stuff to fill your table with. They also perfectly match the other terrain we got. The kit lets you build 3 larger and 3 smaller containers. Check out all the awesome kits from Tabletop Scenics and Kromlech from the link below:

-Mayhemi & Runic