Prepainted Gothic Ruins Terrain

A gothic city in ruins

The miniature collecting, painting or gaming hobby (or all of those combined) is a massive time sink, as I think we all know. Building and painting terrain in addition to your already time consuming miniatures project can be an overwhelming idea, and some times simply not possible for people with very little free time on their hands. Luckily these days there is a great solution for this problem, as manufacturers offer prepainted terrain. The leading company with the largest selection of both prepainted terrain and battle mats is, and we got a set of their ruins terrain to examine. I must say, I don’t think I’ll ever start handcrafting terrain again after checking the set out.

Right off the bat the terrain feels very sturdy. As informed on’s website, the terrain is manufactred from a resin like substance. However, it is clearly very resilient and doesn’t chip off at the slightest touch. Another good quality we found is the weight. The pieces are not heavy per say, but they weigh enough so that you don’t accidentally keep pushing (or worse, knocking over) the terrain pieces which is what you get with some other material options or self made terrain at times. We combined both the Gothic Ruins Set and Gothic Ruins Set 2 onto a Quarantine Zone Battle Mat and the results are quite stunning, especially considering we didn’t have to do anything except set up the table!

The sets come with vaurious sizes of different gothic ruins, of which the largest ones measure a whopping 25 cm in height, enough to hide an Imperial Knight Titan from Warhammer 40,000 behind it, for example. Included are also several different kinds of wall sections that you can build vaurious setups for infantry cover and other purposes. The color of the terrain pieces is a dark grey, with highlights done in a lighter shade. The end result is similiar to what you would get with drybrushing.

As you can see from the image above, the kit also includes separate “windows” so you can block line of sight from the ruins if you wish to, or to add variety to the pieces. It’s also possible to simply paint the ruins in different colours if you like, the surface of the pieces catches on paint very well, and you can add details such as graffiti, golden ridges under the windows, blackened sections as results of a battle or something similiar. The terrain is clearly designed with gameplay in mind, as all floors on the larger pieces are designed in a way that you can plant that squad of infantry up there without half of them dangling on the edge, there is enough room for larger squads to be played properly.

Building different sections from the smaller pieces is (naturally) very easy, and with just these two sets we could easily fill a whole standard 6×4 gaming area with terrain that provides a very nice, themed feel for the table with no effort whatsoever. I think I’ll never paint terrain again…

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