Kromlech: Juggernaut Rippa Squad Review

Oi, iz de warboss ’ere again wif new gubbinz! Waaaagh!

Following my previous look at the ”Orc Mech-Boss in Kustom Mecha-Armour” from Kromlech, I decided that said mech-boss should have his own gang with him. Enter Kromlech’s ”Juggernaut Rippa Squad”, which in 40k terms is Meganobz with Killsaws.

Another nice box, and once again there’s no instructions included… nor needed. Here are the contents as taken out from the box and cleaned up ready for painting:

So, as per the pictures what you get is three ”juggernauts” with a total of 5 helmeted head options. There aren’t any optional parts beyond the heads. Unlike Games Workshop’s plastic Meganobz you don’t get both ranged and melee options in the same box. Which was fine for me as I wanted the melee configuration anyway.

All three leg sections and torsos are unique. The legs are separate from the ”groin”, but each leg is intended for a particular groin. You could mix and match by ignoring/cutting off the indents, though. By comparison the arms are the same for all three models. In other words, you get three identical right arms and three identical left arms, as well as three of both types of ”rippa” killsaws with one type having two rotating sawblades and the other having three. It’s perhaps mildly disappointing there’s no variety in the arms, but as resin is easy to work with you could relatively easily cut out some details and add your own bitz to detail them out.

As I expected after the mech-boss, the models are quite detailed and the casting quality was good. This time there seemed to be even less casting flash to clean off. Which is always nice. There are some extremely delicate electrical wire details on the models, and in a few places the wire is missing segments. But it’s not surprising and not too distracting. It would probably be an easy to fix with some thin metal wire if it did bother you. Personally I was a lazy git and declared it to be battle damage!

One thing to point out about the ”cleaned” models is that I actually left some casting connections on the bottom front of one of the torsos (the one on the right, above) as I thought it’d make a good attachment for an additional shiny gubbin to decorate the model.

Contrary to the picture on the box the bases are just basic 40mm plastic ones. Which is fine otherwise, but the legs of two of the models seem to be designed to look best on a non-even surface such as the rocky slopes of the pictured resin bases. As you can see from the finished models, I opted to carve some resin to add rocky features of my own to the base prior to adding the sand to the rest of the base.

Wif all dem big wordz outta da way, here are the finished models in my usual simple black & red color scheme:


Other than my (lack of) painting skills, they are impressive models. Here’s a comparison picture with a GW Meganob for scale comparison:


As you can see, they do sort of tower over a regular Meganob. You could say they’re putting the ”mega” back into ”meganob!” They certainly look the part; their saws in particular are huge compared to GW’s. But while they are bigger overall, they still fit on a 40mm base which is good, allowing them to more comfortably be run in their intended role without rules repercussions like you might have with the dreadnought-sized mech-boss. I find that they fit right in visually in a 40k ork army, in some ways perhaps even more than GW’s own meganobz especially if you have a mechanized list.

So, there you have it! In my books this is another nice kit by Kromlech, and well worth a look if you’re looking to add some menacing meganobz into your 40k army or even just to own some nice-looking orky models to showcase. Check out their webstore here:

-Tvih (posted by Runic)