Kromlech & Tabletop Scenics: The Hive City Grows

I got my hands on another MDF terrain set from Tabletop Scenics, and I was a bit scared of the task as my previous buiding was the Generatorum and it had a really huge amount of parts in it because of all the pipes and other round shapes. Lucky for me this new kit was a lot easier to build and needed way less time as well. Biggest improvement was that this new kit felt like it was simply designed better overall and also had two different thicknessess on MDF-board used, 1,5mm and 3mm.

After 3-4 hours of separating parts from frames and following instructions carefully the building was glued together using PVA glue and superglue. I mostly used PVA and superglue when I needed to push some parts in place that risked small gaps (not many of these instances, just couple joints on the corners here and there). The mansion looked nice after just gluing it together and can be used like that if need be because the surface is filled with small details of bricks, decorations and other bits and pieces like an Imperial Eagle above the door to make it fit nicely to the grim dark setting I enjoy playing in.

Now it was time to paint this sucker up so I primed it black and took the biggest brush I have. First I drybrushed almost the whole thing with Mechanicus Standard Grey just leaving windows, railings, roof and pipes black as those were going to be painted metallic. Next I painted all those parts with Leadbecher, followed by Rhinox Hide on the doors. Then is was time to give the whole thing a thinned down wash of Nuln Oil to bring up all the details. After this it was just couple of drybrushing layers with different shades of grey on the wall and some Stormhost Silver on metal parts. Also some Doombull Brown on doors. Lastly I splashed some Agrax Earthshade on randomly selected areas all around the building to give it more realistic look by breaking the colours a bit.

As you can see from the image above, the kit also includes separate “windows” so you can block line of sight from the ruins if you wish to, or to add variety to the pieces. It’s also possible to simply paint the ruins in different colours if you like, the surface of the pieces catches on paint very well, and you can add details such as graffiti, golden ridges under the windows, blackened sections as results of a battle or something similiar. The terrain is clearly designed with gameplay in mind, as all floors on the larger pieces are designed in a way that you can plant that squad of infantry up there without half of them dangling on the edge, there is enough room for larger squads to be played properly.

I was quite happy how it turned out in the end. The whole building + painting took around 6-7 hours total and what you get for that time spent is totally worth it. In games it works brilliantly as a big LOS-blocking centerpiece-ish terrain, granting good places to hide tanks or other vehicles or just to be used as a firing platform for the big guns. In the end I took one more pic with my awesome phone + poor lighting (=bad pic?) to just show the size of this in comparison to a guardsman and the Generatorum and as you can see its quite, for a reasonable price.

-Mayhemi (posted by Runic)